Herbal Drawer Sachet 4-Pack

Herbal Drawer Sachet 4-Pack

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Keep your clothes fresh and safe from insects with these herbal drawer bags. They're packed with a mix of lavender, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary, which not only give off a pleasant scent but also naturally repel moths and other pests. Perfect for tucking into drawers, closets, and storage boxes, these bags are made from completely natural, biodegradable materials. They offer a simple, effective way to protect your garments while adding a refreshing touch to your storage spaces.

Nontoxic Formulation

• Chemical free
• Plastic free
• Organic cotton
• Made from renewable materials
• Repels insects
• Keeps fabrics fresh
• Made by hand in Brooklyn


Mix of herbs and dried flowers, essential oils.


Herbal sachets are made from organic cotton fabric and cotton twine drawstring. 4-packs are wrapped in a paper sleeve and secured with a Biostone sticker.

Use Directions

Place sachets into drawers, closets, and stored garments and linens.

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