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Dishwasher Powder 4 lb Refill Pouch

Dishwasher Powder 4 lb Refill Pouch

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Dishwasher Powder refills are here. Packed in biodegradable kraft paper resealable bags. 

Effortlessly cut grease and ensure dishes and glassware are sparkling and streak-free with our powerful dishwasher detergent. Free from micro-plastic-causing dissolvable films, unnecessary harsh chemicals, and perfumes. 

192 loads / 4 x 1 lb refills

Nontoxic Formulation

• Tough on grease
• No parabens, phthalates, dyes
• Fragrance-free
• No sulfates
• No MIT/BIT preservatives
• Biodegradable formulation
• Septic and greywater system-safe
• Mineral-based raw materials
• Cruelty-free
• Vegan
• No CA Prop. 65 chemicals
• Made in the USA


Sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium silicate, sodium percarbonate, polyglucosides, enzymes.


Biodegradable, resealable lined kraft paper pouch.

Carefully pour into your cardboard tube packaging. Use the scoop you received with your 1 lb package to measure detergent into your dishwasher.

Use Directions

Designed to refill 1 lb cardboard tube packaging with scoop.

Place detergent in dispenser using scoop:
Regular loads: 1 scoop
Heavy loads: 2 scoops

Works best in homes with moderate - hard water. Avoid water softener. For best results use rinse aid of 3 parts white vinegar to 1 part water.

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