About Us

In 2010, I founded Common Good to challenge single-use plastics and create safe, sustainable home and personal care products. From day one, we pioneered the refill revolution, now the industry standard. Our evolving mission focuses on eliminating plastic entirely from our product range.

As a busy stylist and young mother back then, I felt uneasy about excessive plastic waste, especially in household products like laundry detergent. Concerned about pseudo-green options, I sought genuinely safe, natural, refillable alternatives for my kids.

I set out to develop truly natural, refillable household products, that are gentle on skin and kind to the planet. Over a decade later, amidst plenty of skepticism, we've laid the foundation for safe, beautiful, sustainable living.

Now, in a fun leap forward, we've opened our very own retail store in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Come visit us in person, or if you can't get to Brooklyn, chat with us on social. Our commitment to community drives our sustainable living mission, and we're eager to grow together.

Sacha - Founder/CEO