Refill Box FAQs

Packaging Eco Facts

  • 86% less plastic
  • 65% post-consumer recycled content cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly ink
  • Mono-material for easy recycling
  • LDPE type 2 plastic recyclable curbside (like milk jugs)
  • Collapsable packaging minimizes trucking carbon
  • Reusable spigot
  • Closed-loop program for plastic liners!


Set Up How To

Now you can set up a refill station at home. Stack and store your refill boxes in a dry, temperature-stable area like the laundry or garage and you'll never run out again.

  • Weighs 22 lbs
  • Measures 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Boxes can be stacked
  • Spigots may drip a little so use a drip catcher
  • Push tap to the right completely to shut off 
  • Avoid storing in very hot or cold areas
  • If products freeze, gently warm and shake 
  • Save the spigot for next time


Turn the box on its back before unscrewing the shipping cap and applying the spigot. Opening the cap while the box is in the upright position will result in very soapy shoes!

  1. Remove refill box from shipping box
  2. Tip box on its back
  3. Remove screw cap
  4. Screw on spigot
  5. Stand box upright with spigot facing front
  6. Save the screw cap for closed-loop returns
  7. Save a shipping box for closed-loop returns

Closed loop program

  1. When a box is empty, remove the spigot
  2. Tear open refill box and recycle curbside
  3. Collapse plastic liner by pressing air out
  4. Fold along seams
  5. Screw cap back onto collapsed liner
  6. Stack multiple liners and put them into the box
  7. Fill out the return form and we'll send you a label
  8. Apply the label to the shipping box and give it to UPS