Laundry Detergent Empty Glass Bottle, 16oz

Laundry Detergent Empty Glass Bottle, 16oz

Laundry Detergent Empty Glass Bottle, 16oz
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Refillable, beautiful, recyclable glass. Our new 16oz glass Laundry Detergent bottle is screen printed in white with Common Good branding. It's smaller for easy handling but still holds 24 full loads.





Glass Laundry Detergent Bottle

Made from beautiful, sustainable glass and subtly screen printed with white ink. Refill over and over with our Laundry Detergent refill pouch in bergamot, lavender, or unscented.

2/3 fl oz (20 mL) per high efficiency load
That's around 4 teaspoons
1 1/3 fl oz (40 mL) per top loader
Around 3 tablespoons

If you need to pre-treat a stain, apply a little detergent to the stain 5 minutes before you wash.

Preserving the natural balance is our first priority.
Reducing single-use plastic packaging is our mission.

Since 2010

We started Common Good because we wanted to reduce single-use plastic packaging. Not only did we want a bottle we could refill over and over again, but we also wanted to fill it with a product that we knew was safe for our family and the planet. While we were at it, we thought it would be nice to have a bottle that was nice enough to leave out on the counter.