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Solid Dish Soap Bar

Solid Dish Soap Bar

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Refill your eco-friendly solid dish soap cake with our biodegradable and plant-based formula, perfect for effective and zero-waste dishwashing. Our additive-free, residue-free soap leaves no waste behind. The strengthened citric acid formula removes grease and leaves your dishes sparkling clean.

Dishwashing without a soap dish. Vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic. Each 7.5 oz refill replaces up to 3 bottles of liquid soap. Each 3.25 oz refill replaces up to 1.5 bottles of liquid soap. Full ingredient list: coconut oil, castor oil, water, citric acid, lye, (a must in soap making) When in contact with water, bamboo dries quicker than other woods hence less likely to crack. 

Nontoxic Formulation

• Non-toxic
• Replaces 3 bottles+ of liquid dish soap
• No sulfates
• No parabens, phthalates, dyes
• Unscented
• No preservative
• 100% Readily biodegradable formulation
• Septic and greywater system-safe
• Plant-based raw materials
• Cruelty-free
• Vegan
• No CA Prop. 65 chemicals
• Made in Canada


Coconut oil, castor oil, water, citric acid, lye, (a must in soap making)


This product will ship wrapped in recyclable paper.

Use Directions

Place in/on soap dish to keep dry. Rub wet brush or cloth onto block and wash dishes.

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