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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to our comprehensive spring cleaning guide! With downloadable checklists, tips, and playlists. You can get to work, without it feeling like a chore. Send us your additions or tag us in social and show us how you do it!



Ceiling, walls, art

Start by brushing any cobwebs or dust off the ceiling and ceiling fixtures, work your way down walls. Use a light-weight duster to remove dust from the tops of paintings and straighten as you go. 

Then go around the room with a soft cloth (an old t-shirt is perfect for this job) and spray and wipe with all-purpose cleaner. This will ensure you're actually removing the dust, instead of just moving it around.


Refresh rugs and carpets without harsh chemicals by sprinkling baking soda. You can add a little more and gently rub into high-traffic areas. Then vacuum. Pro tip: try mixing your favorite essential oil into the baking soda and letting sit first for a scent that will linger. 



The bathroom is a great place to employ some old fashioned cleaning tricks. Clear out drains with baking soda and vinegar. It's easy but it's also fun. Pour some baking soda down the drains. If you think you have some serious clogs, try to loosen them with something long, like a skewer. Pour in some white vinegar. Then pour boiling water down and you should rinse that gunk right out. There are no real measurements here, try a little and if that doesn't work, add more. 

Before you put the baking soda away, use it as a mild abrasive on any grout that needs a deep clean. Make a paste with a little water and gently rub onto grout to remove any build up. Then spray it with bathroom cleaner and let sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. Pro tip: save old tooth brushes and use them to reach mucky, hard to reach corners.


Living, dining, hallways


Donating & mending

As you prepare to put winter woolens and coats away for the season, gather anything that needs repair and take them to the tailor or shoe repair shop for mending before you store them. Make sure clothing is clean to avoid stains darkening during storage. If you have issues with moths, store cedar balls with your clothing. Storing clothes properly helps them last longer and it's much more fun to unpack clothes that are ready to go when you feel that chill in the air next fall.

Now is also the time to take anything you won't wear again to donation centers. Only donate clothes that someone can use. Old, threadbare tee-shirts are better repurposed as cleaning cloths.


Home office

Glass & mirrors

Glass cleaner is great polishing off fingerprints and streaks. If your windows are really dirty, or you're cleaning outside glass, you will want to use all purpose cleaner diluted 1:10 in water. Get a rag and wash the glass to remove dirt. You can either polish them clean with a soft cloth (old tee-shirts are perfect) and if you're still seeing streaks, spray glass cleaner and polish off. 

Mirrors and inside glass are usually fine with a spritz of glass cleaner and a polish with a soft cloth.


Obviously, you could keep going with spring cleaning forever, but work your way through these checklists, you'll be starting spring with a clean, uncluttered home. Finish it off with a big, beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. You've earned it!

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