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Step 1: Getting started

Every new member should start with these steps:


Apply for an EIN number with the IRS


Establish if you need to collect sales tax and register with your local government


Receive your authorization to collect sales tax from your state. Scan and email it over to us


We'll send you a link where you can buy your refill station starter set

Limitation of this advice...

The information on this page is not meant to replace advice you will get from your accountant. What follows is a broad outline of how one goes about getting ready to resell products that are taxable and is intended to show the steps and some places to get professional help. We reference a few tools on the TaxJar website, which is created to help answer the very questions you will have as you go through the process. We highly recommend using a service like TaxJar or TurboTax to help you get set up, track, and file sales tax. We hope this is helpful and we're here if you want to have a little complain about it :)

Do I need to register my business?

If you don't have employees, you don't really have to register for an EIN (employer identification number) and can use your social security number instead. 

However, EIN registration is free and by using this number instead of your social, you limit the risk of identity theft. You can also use it to open a business bank account and a few other benefits that might come in handy if your refill station business takes off. 

You will most likely be registering as an individual.


Do I need to register for sales tax?

Chances are, you do. It might seem daunting but every store and Etsy seller has to register and collect sales tax.

One thing to note is that all of your online sales referrals will go through the Common Good site and we will handle sales tax. So your nexus is likely your home address. See, it just got a bit easier!

How to register to collect sales tax

Click the link below to find your state page, which has information and links to get yourself registered.

Every state is different (another reason why we can't give you specific advice on how to do this) but in general, you apply and get your resale certificate within a week or two. 

Once you receive your certificate, scan and email it over to us. Then we'll send you a link to buy your refill station tax free (woohoo!)

How do I keep track of sales tax I collect?

Keeping accurate records is key! We've given you an order form to print for each sale you make. We suggest that at the end of the day, you type each sale into a spreadsheet with the date, items, price, tax rate, payment method, etc. Then you can use this spreadsheet to help you file your sales taxes with the state. Different states have different requirements (who's surprised!?) so this is another good reason to use a service to track and file for you.

Note that this is not income tax, for which you'll want good records too.

How do I pay the sales tax I collect?

Different states have different requirements (who's surprised!?) so you will want to make sure you know when sales tax filing dates are and file before those dates. This is a place where a little help goes a long way and we highly recommend using a service so you don't miss any filing dates.

Order your starter set


Choose from large or small, depending on how much time and money you want to put in.

Add on any extra product you want to resell

How to get help

We're here to help during business hours and sometimes outside business hours too. Email or chat with us to get quick answers. If you need more detailed help, set up a phone call to speak with an advisor.

CHAT - via your member portal

EMAIL - email us

SET UP A CALL - schedule a call with us here

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