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Order your starter set
Whether you choose to sell online or in person with a refill station, you need product to demo and try


Start selling!
You can start referring online orders as soon as your membership is approved. Your sample set will ship within a few days. Refill stations take a little longer to set up

Step one: apply

Applying to join our community takes about 5 minutes. We're processing applications as quickly as possible and you should hear back from us within a few days. There is no commitment when you apply.

Next, decide which program

All members can refer orders online to earn commissions and bonuses. The big question is, do you also want to host a refill station?

Hosting a refill station is like opening a shop so there are a few things to consider including time, space, money, and state tax regulations. We're here to help and are happy to walk members through set up.

Here are the program basics...

Steps to launch At Home Online


Order your starter set
Your starter set and welcome pack ship within a few days


Start selling 
As soon as you're approved, you can set up your member portal page to start selling and earning


Host a party
The best way to build your network and your sales is to host a party for local family, friends, and neighbors


Refer new members
Another great way to earn bonuses and commissions is to refer new members

Online Starter Set

$54.99 (Value $111.85)

Every member can refer orders online with their unique link. This starter set includes 10 top products to try and demonstrate to your contacts.
As soon as you're a member, you can get to work selling. When you receive your set, you can host a party so your contacts can experience the products for themselves. 

Steps to launch refill stations


Set up your Online account
Start selling online while you get your refill station set up. See above for more details


Register for sales tax
Follow our step-by-step guide to register with your state to collect sales tax


Order your starter set
Review the different size sets and place your order


Plan your launch
Create your contact list, when and where you'll host a party, etc


Host a party
The best way to kick off your refill business is to host a party!


Promote refills
Create a schedule when people can stop by (or when you'll deliver) refills

Refill Station Starter Sets

From $464 (Value $931)

We have two sizes of refill station. They fit on any sturdy shelf or table and can be stacked. Each box measures 10 x 10 x 10 inches. This is your business and you can choose how you want to sell your refills. We recommend offering drop-in refills one evening and/or a couple of hours on a weekend. You might also want to sell at your local farmer's market, or offer a refill service to local businesses in your area. It's up to you!

The best way to get your contacts familiar with the products and get them excited about refills is to host a party.


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