From the beginning, we've always listed all our ingredients on our products. 

Below you'll find definitions of all the ingredients we use, what they are and why we use them. Gentle and sustainable chemistry, reusable and recyclable packaging and product effectiveness are core to all Common Good products. All our raw materials are sustainably sourced, animal by-product free and biodegradable. 

We review what the Environmental Working Group ( has to say about an ingredient before we use it in one of our products. The EWG is a non-profit organization that compiles well-researched, scientific information on chemicals found in things humans use every day, such as water, beauty products, and cleaning products. Click on the names below to see what they have to say about our ingredients.  

aloe barbadensis leaf juice from aloe  plantnatural moisturizer 
amylase enzymeplant-derived enzymehelps break down starch based soil 
caprylyl/capryl glucosidesugar-derived surfactant from corn, potatoesmild sulfate free cleaning agent 
cetyl betainemild surfactantgentle cleansing power 
citric acidnatural, non-GMO corn-derived water softenerhard water stain removal and natural preservative 
citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit extract oil100% pure essential oilnatural fragrance 
cocamidopropyl hydroxysultainecoconut-based surfactantcleansing, foaming and thickening 
cocamidopropylamine oxidecoconut-based surfactant mild cleaning and foaming agent
coconut fatty acidcoconut oil based cleanserwater soluble and provides quick lather
decyl glucosidesugar-derived surfactantmild SLS-free cleanser great for people with sensitive skin
disodium-2 sulfolauratecoconut-derived surfactantmild, non-drying cleanser and foaming agent
ethyhexylglycerinpreservativeparaben-free preservative
glycerinvegetable-derived humectantmoisturizer
gluconic acidplant-derived non-caustic acidoccurs naturally in fruit and dissolves mineral deposits
isopropyl alcoholalcoholevaporation and germicide
L lactic acidplant-derived lactic acidgood descaler and soap scum remover and natural antibacterial agent
lauramine oxideplant-derived surfactantmild, sulfate free surfactant 
lavendula angustifolia (lavender) oil100% pure essential oilnatural fragrance
lipase enzymeplant-derived enzyme  helps break down fatsnatural
melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil100% pure essential oil natural plant-based fragrance
phenoxyethanolpreservativeparaben-free preservative
potassium hydroxidemineral-based pH adjuster and cleaning agentpH adjuster that is safe when used in low concentrations
potassium carbonatemineral-based inorganic saltto adjust pH
protease enzymeplant-derived enzyme    helps break down proteins
purified watermechanically filtered watercleaned of contaminants
sodium benzoatesynthetic preservativewell tested, food grade preservative -when used in formulas free from vitamin C it is benzene free
sodium chlorideinorganic salt (table salt)to increase viscosity 
sodium citratemineral based saltto adjust acidity
sodium cocoamphoacetatecoconut-derived surfactantmild sulfate free cleaning agent
sodium cocoyl isethionatecoconut-derived surfactant  mild SLS-free cleanser that allows dirt to be washed awaymild
sodium gluconatecleaning and chelating agentwater softener and cleaning agent
sodium hydroxideinorganic saltto adjust pH levels
sodium lauroamphoacetatecoconut-derived surfactant mild sulfate-free cleaning agent
sodium lauryl sulfoacetatecoconut-derived cleansermild cleanser with good foaming properties
sodium lauroyl methyl isethionatecoconut-derived surfactant   mild sulfate free cleaning agent
sodium methyl-2 sulfolauratecoconut-derived surfactant   mild cleanser with good foaming properties
sodium methyl cocol tauratecoconut-derived surfactant   mild sulfate free cleaning agent
tetrasodium glutamate diacetatechelating agentnon-EDTA water softener