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"A veteran in the world of refillable cleaning, Common Goods founder Sacha Dunn says she first launched the line nearly a decade ago when she had her kids and was concerned the "green" products on the market that she wanted to use weren't actually very eco-friendly. "I wanted three things: a safe, green product to use around my kids and dog, nice natural scents that didn't stick to my hands, and a bottle I could leave on the counter without cringing." Enter Common Good's minimalist line of products—from hand soaps and dish soaps to all-purpose cleaners and laundry detergent—all of which are made with safe, sustainably-sourced and biodegradable ingredients and are designed to be refilled (and refilled!). When it's time to restock, you can bring your bottles to a Common Good refill station at a retailer near you or stay tuned for the company's refill box launch and subscription service aiming to make it even easier for you to keep a clean, healthy, and eco-friendly home."

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